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October 2020


Friends and supporters of the Japanese American National War Memorial Court


Please help us continue to honor and preserve the memory of the almost 1,200 Japanese Americans who gave their lives in America’s wars.  This opportunity drawing gives you a chance to win one of the eleven $500 monthly prizes and the $2500 annual grand prize. The first monthly cash prize will be drawn at the end of February 2021.


Winning numbers are returned to the pool so you can win more than once.  This is our primary annual fund raiser to support programs like our Memorial Day service, Spit & Polish and the inscription of new names to the Memorial Court. As you are all aware, the year has presented new challenges and we are still adjusting to the new normal. 


Please visit our website to view our Memorial Day tribute, Day of Affirmation and soon to be posted Veterans Day tribute as well as the addition of CWO 2 Kirk T. Fuchigami Jr. to the Afghanistan wall.  This year, we also mourn the passing of Judge Vincent H. Okamoto who was the inspiration and driving force behind the building of the Japanese American Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  

On behalf of the Board of the Veterans Memorial Court Alliance, I thank you for your continued support of the Memorial Court so that our heroes will never be forgotten.

Ken Hayashi

President, Veterans Memorial Court Alliance


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