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Stand at the center of the Japanese American National War Memorial Court and you are surrounded by the names and spirit of over 1,200 Americans of Japanese ancestry who gave their lives in service to America. The Memorial Court is a tangible and poignant reminder to current and future generations of the enormity of the sacrifice these soldiers made. 

On Veterans Day 1995 the Japanese American Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee dedicated a black granite wall etched with the names of 116 of their fallen comrades within the courtyard of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in downtown Los Angeles.


In May 1997 the names of 251 Japanese Americans killed in the Korean War joined them through the tireless efforts of the Japanese American Korean War Veterans.

In February 2000, the Americans of Japanese Ancestry WWII Alliance dedicated the final roll call for over 800 of their comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice.



Three separate groups from three different wars, compelled by a sense of duty, to honor their brothers in arms who did not return from those wars with them. Each inscribed name a tribute to a heroic individual with a unique story to tell and a family who grieves his loss. Each war with its own place in the history of America, with special meaning to Americans of Japanese ancestry. Together these memorials now comprise the Japanese American National War Memorial Court. With the recent inclusion of a memorial to honor those killed on the USS Maine in 1898 and in recent conflicts in Grenada, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Memorial Court now pays tribute to the patriotism and sacrifice of Japanese Americans for over a century of service to America.

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The Veterans Memorial Court Alliance was formed to bring together representatives of the three founding groups in the common cause of preserving both the physical edifice and the legacy of the Memorial Court for generations to come. The mission of the organization is to ensure that the Memorial Court is maintained for future generations in a manner that honors the sacrifice and patriotism of those whose names are etched on the walls and to raise awareness in the community of the contributions Americans of Japanese ancestry have made to the cause of freedom in America and throughout the world. It will be our solemn responsibility to be sure that their sacrifice is not forgotten.







Ken Hayashi, President, JA Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee

David Miyoshi, Vice President & Treasurer, JA Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee

Sam Shimoguchi, JA Korean War Veterans

Robert Wada, JA Korean War Veterans

James Masaki, JA Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee

Chris Segawa, JA Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee

Helen Ota, JACCC

Kristyn Hayashi Entercom Communications 

James Nakamura Kazuo Masuda VFW Post 3670

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