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The mission of the Veterans Memorial Court Alliance is to ensure that the Japanese American National War Memorial Court is maintained for future generations in a manner that honors the sacrifice and patriotism of those whose names are etched on its walls.  To raise awareness in the community of the contributions these Americans of Japanese Ancestry have made to the cause of freedom in America and throughout the world.  It will be our solemn responsibility that current and future generations understand and remember the significance and enormity of their sacrifice. 


Veterans Memorial Court Alliance : Legacy Voices (2020)
The Japanese American National War Memorial Court is the only place in the world displaying all the names of U.S. military service members of Japanese ancestry who died in service to our country. The first of these were seven Japanese immigrants who died serving on the USS Maine in 1898. Almost 1200 Japanese Americans have given their lives in over a century of service to America.

Veterans Memorial Court Alliance mourns the passing of Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura on November 29, 2022 at the age of 97.  As a Medal of Honor recipient from the Korean War, he was a true national hero, an icon of the Japanese American Community and an inspiration to all.  He wore the Medal of Honor with grace and dignity for almost 70 years to honor his country and his comrades in arms.  He will be dearly missed.


Ken Hayashi


Veterans Memorial Court Alliance

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