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SPIT & POLISH(2011-2018)

The First Spit and Polish was in May 2011. It was developed not only to clean and polish the Memorial Court, but it was also intended to expose young volunteers and their parents to the memory of the over 1200 Japanese American names listed on the Memorial Court. By raising awareness from the veterans in attendance, speaking to the younger generation about the supreme sacrifice made by those honored on the wall... it helps the community never to forget their sacrifice.


The “Spit and Polish” happens twice a year, week or two before Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Throughout the years, many groups as young as 8th grade, UCLA and USC students, basketball organizations, and others have come to participate, learn about the history, and enjoy some pizza and friendships. If you have a group that is interested in participating please contact us as we welcome your support! 


To get involved in future Spit & Polish, contact the following 

Ken Hayashi


Ron Yamada

Les Higa

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